Help Us Build a Healing Biotope in Latin America!

Help Us Build a Healing Biotope in Latin America!

We are asking for your financial support to purchase a piece of land of 100 ha. on which we can build the first Healing Biotope in Latin America. To donate, or offer another form of support, please see the final part of this document, or go directly back to


What is Inla Kesh?

• Inla Kesh is a Healing Biotope in development situated in the highlands of Chiapas,
• Currently we are 10 adults and 5 children with the vision to expand to a community
   of around 150 people.
• We're connected with a worldwide network of projects working for the global
   transition to a culture of peace.
• We also run courses in which people can calmly reflect, envision, exchange ideas
   and concretely plan how to co-create the transition that the world so urgently needs.

Our Mission

To become a self-sufficient, sustainable and duplicable communitarian model for nonviolent
cooperation and cohabitation between humans, animals, & nature, for a future of peace for

To inspire others to join the network of activists and pioneers working for global system

To generate fields of new information for how humanity can live in peace and harmony,
aligned with the sacred order of the universe.

To re-educate ourselves on the following themes:
• water & earth
• healthy nutrition
• fostering silence & presence
• witnessing & guiding our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions
• conflict-resolution, especially in the areas of love & sexuality, money, & power
• cultivating the body, art, expression, and dance
• commitment to the local community
• commitment to unite social & spiritual work, both locally & globally.

Who Are We?

Rosa Belia Sanchez Ochoa, Spiritual accompaniment, co-founder of Inla Kesh in Chiapas,
founder of the Rio Abierto school in Torreón, Coahuila, & teacher of Zen,
certified by GAIA Education in Ecovillage Design.
Monika Hösterey, Gaia Education facilitator, Ergotherapist, vision holder, speaker, global
networker, co-founder of Inla Kesh, Macrobiotic practitioner, Biodanza facilitator, practitioner
of Biointensive gardening, official member of GEESE (Global Ecovillage Educators for a
Sustainable Earth).
Sofia Olhovich Filanova, anthropologist, activist in the National Indigenous Movement,
guardian for local seed-saving & Indigenous bioecology, mother, teacher & networker,
certified by GAIA Education in Ecovillage Design.
David Castro Hernandez: musician, gardener, young leader and change maker of the
community, practitioner of Vipassana meditation, Healing Biotopes student at Tamera,
certified by GAIA Education in Ecovillage Design.
Valentina Denti: Gestalt & transcultural therapist, trainee Forum facilitator, trainee Biodanza
teacher, guest reception, Healing Biotopes student at Tamera, certified by GAIA Education in
Ecovillage Design.
Jimena Chacana: teacher for children & physical education, dancer, chef, expert in
Lulu Vega: Engineer of natural resources, agriculture & livestock, mother, chef, creator of
natural hygiene products
Alejandra Suriano: Degree in Administration of Communication, certified by GAIA Education
in Ecovillage Design, creator of natural hygiene products, Healing Biotopes student at
Tamera, practitioner of Vipassana meditation.
Osman Baltodano: Degree in Business Administration, yoga student, Healing Biotopes
student at Tamera, certified by GAIA Education in Ecovillage Design, temporary member of
Inla Kesh.
Mari Eugenia Hernandez: Anthropologist, musician, musical educator for Indigenous
children in Spanish and 2 Mayan languages (tzotzil y tzeltal), certified by GAIA Education in
Ecovillage Design, practitioner of Vipassana meditation.
& 5 wonderful children: Ludmila, Rusibaani, Zentli, Saasil & Iyari.

What is a Healing Biotope?

Healing Biotopes are…
communities in which human beings, animals, plants, and waters live
together in full cooperation and unreserved trust
• open systems that constantly evolve through feedback with their
• places to develop social, ecological and economic frameworks that allow
life’s self-healing powers to unfold and shape human culture
• focused on finding a new direction for human evolution and a new matrix
for inhabiting our planet.

What We've Achieved So Far
Since 2012, we've lived on a 2-hectare piece of land in the community of
Chichihuistan, in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, developing and implementing
many key elements to strengthen the foundations of a Healing Biotope. We've
become a core group who are committed to carrying forward the Healing Biotopes
Plan and, through this, we've learned many tools which are essential for binding a group together and strengthening its vision.

Physical Achievements
• Creation of a water retention landscape with borehole, waste water treatment
system, swales to help water infiltrate into the earth, dry compost toilets (without water), & rainwater harvesting system
• Several adobe buildings made from local materials such as a community hall, a shared house with kitchen, a chocolate workshop, 6 living spaces, 6 compost
toilets, a greenhouse, & a yurt which serves as the children's space
• Solar water heater & 2 solar ovens, vegetable dehydrators.
• The beginnings of a shared economy system
• Links of trust, cooperation, & mutual support with the local Indigenous community (through open secondary schooling, a chocolate workshop, carpentry training).
• Elected by Indigenous community to be in charge of the local drinking water system for 1 year.
• Creation of biointensive vegetable and fruit gardens for our own consumption.

Why Do We Need This Site?

To create a Healing Biotope, we need a piece of land that's big enough:

• to send a healing impulse to our planet, protecting lands that are
threatened by logging, exploitation, and erosion
• to manifest a sustainable project that will have a real impact on the region
• to develop new methods of working with water & natural resources
• to maintain 100–150 people who can focus on inner & outer peace work as
well as keeping up with the day-to-day running of the project
• to foster encounters between people of different cultures so that, together
we can design a replicable model for a world of peace and harmony with all

La Esperanza: its location, characteristics and regional context


  • The land we desire to acquire is called “La Esperanza” located beneath the reserve of  the biosphere El Triunfo, in the Sierra Madre in Chiapas. But, its surroundings are constantly threatened by the agriculture and  the conventional cattle raising and the deforestation that it brings along.

  • The 120 hectares of the land are inside the zone of dampening of El Triunfo, being part of the tropical evergreen fog woods, and refuge for dozens of endemic species that are endangered with extinction, such as the quetzal, the celestial tanager, the cuckold pavon, the small green tucan, and mammals such as the puma and the mountain lion, the spider monkey, and the white tailed deer, the nauyaca snake, the yaguarundi and the tapir. We find also species of orchids, ceibas (sacred tree of the mayans), huanacaxtles, ash trees, cedar trees, pines and the amate tree (ficus petiolaris).

  • La Esperanza contains 15 hectares of organic coffee growing that supports the biodiversity of the planet, they sustain the humidity and are big creators of the ground and humus, maintaining the carbon in the ground. In it, a great crystalline river flows throughout the whole year giving great vitality to the place.

Our Vision of the Future
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

  • Acquire this land of 120 hectares.

  • Give a sustainable management to the land to take care of the ecosystem of the buffer zone of El Triunfo.

  • Plant edible fruit trees.

  • Plant superfoods such as moringa, the tree of life, stevia, malanga, yuca, zapotes, sagú, flying potato, spirulina and neem.

  • Implementation of the Healing Biotope´s Plan and its constant development.                                                                                                                                                Our intention is to move to La Esperanza, grow in number of members in our community, where human beings, animals, plants and waters live together in full cooperation and trust without reservations. We want to live and recreate a Healing Biotope, an open system that evolves constantly through its feedback with the environment. We want to develop new social, ecological, economic, spiritual and cultural frameworks that allow the self-healing powers of life to unfold and model our culture. A community focused on finding a new direction for human evolution connected to a new web of peace.

Funds Needed

We are only needing 58,731  to complete the final cost of  La Esperanza that is 3 million threehundred fifty and seven thousand Mexican pesos. With this resting  amount we will achieve to cover the final cost of tax, administartion and escrituration. Thats because we have already received a loan of 100.000€ ($2.000.000m.n.)

Help us to buy La Esperanza, it´s helping you as well, because

  • You help to amplify the dampening zone of the biosphere in el Triunfo and to protect the biodiversity of the planet.

  • You protect a region of the woods from deforestation in the hands of conventional land management

  • You maintain the CO2 in the earth and act concretely against climate change.

  • You materialize the foundations to create an ecovillage, a healing biotope open to all humanity.

  • You create a project of hope and nurture your happiness.

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Thank you for beening part of the change!